Membership in Rotary is by invitation.  A person desiring to be a member may contact us here or through any Rotarian about being sponsored into the club.



In Rotary, members’ classifications refer to their occupations, professional expertise, and training. Rotary clubs aim to include members
from a number of classifications because bringing together professionals from different fields and industries increases a club’s capacity to serve its community as well as giving its members an opportunity to learn
more about others in the community.

Our club’s collective knowledge and talent can help it make a more significant impact in our community.

We do allow more than one member in a variety of classifications.  We also represent an environment of inclusion, where all ages, ethnicities and cultures can offer a greater capacity to serve our community.



We encourage and invite visits to our weekly club meetings, events and service projects.  We believe this offers opportunities for friendship and form connections to better serve one another and our community.

Visitation is encouraged to gain an understanding of the club, Rotary as an organization and all service opportunities throughout the world and locally.

Is our club a good fit for you? 


Sometimes people are looking for something that our club does not provide or seeking different types of businesses to connect for many purposes.

We are always willing to recommend you to other clubs if you like.

Is there a cost to be a member?


Yes, there is a cost to join and quarterly fees as well as the cost of weekly meals and a cost of your time.

It is our hope that when someone joins The Sanford Rotary Club they understand the commitment that comes with membership.

Attend meetings regularly

Participate in service projects

Volunteer for event needs

Bring your skills to the table

Build relationships and friendships within the club

Attend social functions to nurture those relationships

Learn the 4-Way Test

We encourage "Happy Dollars" to share your highlights and good stories

We discourage the disruption of cell phones:  best to silence them at the meetings or you'll pay a fine.  

Wearing your Rotary pins and apparel is always encouraged to promote and share Rotary.

Have Questions:  contact us here.